26 Things You Absolutely Need To Learn About Life

1. It’s okay to be wrong. Sometimes, you cannot avoid making mistakes, having bad choices. Those are what spice your life up, and make it feel so much more amazing to be alive. Learn how to accept defeat.

2. Learn from mistakes. If you end up doing the same thing, learn from it the second time around, until it becomes ingrained in you. Learn from them, and be a better person because of them.

3. Do what you love to do. If you’re still stuck with the day job you loathe, this is the time you quit it and do whatever makes you happy. Find something that makes your heart burn with passion, and makes you want to get up in the morning, ready to seize the day.

4. Stop giving fucks. Give yourself a break. If you’ve always lived your life according to how society tells you to live it, now is the time to stop caring about what other people think. What YOU think is what matters the most.

5. Be in the present. Stop taking selfies, for crying out loud. Enjoy the sunset, savor your food, try to enjoy the moment as it is right now.

6. Stop rushing. Don’t just keep stuffing your face with food, chew it. You agreed on a day with the family, but you’re on your phone 90% of the time. Put that thing down, and learn how to enjoy the moment. Laugh at people’s jokes, listen to people’s stories. You can never bring time back, just relax and take it easy.

7. You can’t stay mad forever. At this point, you have to learn how to forgive. The person you had a fight with years ago probably already forgot all about it, and you have to learn how to do that as well. You cannot live with a heavy heart for the rest of your life. Forgive people, forgive yourself.

8. Learn to say no. You never have to prove anything to anyone. You’re done with trying to be cool and going with the cool kids just so you’re one with the crowd. If you want to stay home in your pj’s and binge-watch new Netflix series, then learn how to say no to the crazy kids inviting you out for beer pong. You deserve it.

9. Learn to say yes. You don’t have to deprive yourself of all the fun for the rest of your life just because you’re 4 years away from being 30. Learn how to say yes to friends whenever you know you deserve a break from all the stress. This, you also deserve.

10. Change is a good thing. You have to learn to stop fearing change. Change is everywhere, and that’s a good thing. You don’t have to panic about everything that is changing in your life. Just go with it.

11. Be honest to yourself. The only person who knows who you really are and what you can be is yourself. Learn how to accept who you are, and know that you are wonderful, no matter what your flaws are.

12. You cannot control other people. You have to learn how to stop telling people how they should live their lives. You can suggest or just tell them how you feel, but you cannot ever ask them to stop doing what they want to do.

13. Always put yourself first. It’s okay to think about the people you love sometimes, but remember to always put yourself first. Your family is important, your work, your friends, they are all very important, but it is you who will live your life until the very end, and not anybody else. Find it in your heart to put yourself above anything else, because you are important too.

14. Use your words wisely. Maybe you’re simply just not aware of it yet, but your words are very powerful. They can either make or break people. You’ll never know whose feelings you’d be hurting if you choose the wrong words.  So remember to think before you speak (or write).

15. Waiting is okay. Some things don’t just happen instantly. Sometimes, you have to be patient, and things will fall into place at the perfect time.

16. You cannot please everybody. This is something you might have learned years ago, but you have to keep it in mind. Not everyone will think you’re as amazing as you truly are. Some people will want to bring you down, simply because they are not blown away by your thoughts and ideas. Some people will want to be out of your life in a jiffy, because they feel that you are not worthy of their time. And they are never worth your time either.

17. Be open to growth. The moment you learn that your flaws make you who you are today, is the moment you learn that you are still growing, every single day. Learn how to embrace your insecurities.

18. Make the most of life now. Stop being scared of failing in whatever it is you want to accomplish. The point of doing things now is not how it ends up, but what you learn in the process.

19. It’s never too late. You can still do what you’ve always wanted to do in life. It’s not too late to be as adventurous as you’ve always wished you could be. Travel far and wide, go see the places you’ve only seen in your dreams, leave your comfort zone and live your life to the fullest.

20. Smile. No matter what you’re going through, smile at people, smile every single day and life will smile back at you.

21. Be kind. You don’t know what everyone else is going through. It wouldn’t hurt if you learn to be kind to everyone you meet and see every day.

22. Believe in miracles. They are everywhere.

23. You will lose people along the way. These people are not meant to be in your life forever. Some were there just to give you a certain lesson that you can keep with you for the rest of your life, some will just make you realize that you deserve so much better and that you need to let them go if they are not meant to stay in your life.

24. It’s going to hurt. And it’s going to hurt a lot. You will have to accept and face this hurt, because this will make you even stronger than you are. Sometimes, things will hurt as you get better, and that’s what makes it so much worth it in the end.

25. But you’re going to be okay. Because you have gone through twenty-five years of your life without ever giving up. You’ll do great things. You’ll meet wonderful people along the way. You’ll see beautiful places and make new mistakes. You’ll be okay.

26. Nobody has life figured out. So what if you’re stuck with a job you hate, or you recently just quit your job and you don’t know what to do next? So what if you feel like you’re alone and you don’t know what your purpose in life is anymore? Nobody has life figured out. Everybody is scared. Everybody feels alone. Everybody doesn’t know what to do next or what their purpose in life is. You have to stop worrying and just go with it. Life is beautiful and so are you.

BY Mary Elizabeth Francisco

To My Fellow Millennials: You Will Be Okay

I get it. It’s awful to wake up every day not knowing exactly what you want to do for the next five years, who you really want to be, or how you even get to that successful place to begin with. It’s awful when nothing makes sense, no matter how hard you try your best to make life work. It’s awful that some days you’re lost and confused about which road to take, frustrated at how far off in the distance your dreams are, and even upset that sometimes it takes you forever to make things right.

But trust that soon you will find the way to the road you’re meant to adventure on, soon your life will eventually brighten up, and soon everything will fall according to your plan.

For the meantime, keep holding on and have patience. Because even though sometimes you don’t see the point in waiting for your life to get better, and even though you’re so tired of wishing for something great to occur in your life, one day you will be okay.

One day you will have that smile back, and your heart will be content with where you are and what you have. One day your life will be filled with so many meaningful tasks to accomplish that you no longer have time to dwell on your destructive feelings.

One day you will be mature enough to understand and trust the idea of right timing.

One day you will find a job that you love—a job that will not feel like a task, but rather more of a passion, a job that will open more doors for you. And maybe it will give you opportunities to travel to different cities around the world, meet incredible new people, and learn more about yourself.

One day you will have the power to achieve whatever dreams are living in the corners of your mind, make them your reality, and never dare to let them go.

One day you will be hungry for success and you will always make sure that you work hard day and night, regardless of how many scars you get along the way and regardless of how many times you fall on the ground.

One day you will gain the confidence that allows you to believe that you can do everything your heart desires and that you can succeed in all that you put your mind into.

One day you will finally believe in yourself.

It will be a long and sometimes painful journey, but you have to be brave and brace yourself against any monsters that will scare you as you move forward.

One day you will know that heartbreak is temporary. You will carry on after the tragedies of losing love ones who passed away, people who ran away from you at an early age, and friends you grew apart with.

One day you will forget all your relationship mishaps. And even though there will be moments in the future when you are reminded of all your wrong decisions and every mistake you made in searching for the right one, they will not matter to you anymore. Because by then, your life will be so beautiful and so different. And your past will become tiny and irrelevant.

One day you will realize that chasing people who are not meant to stay in your life will only eat the time that you should rather be spending in making your future shine brighter.

So quit worrying too much and just relax.
Quit crying your way through the day and try to toughen up a little bit.
Quit seeking security in someone else and go save yourself.
Quit being scared to take risks and make bold choices.
Quit looking back and instead focus your attention on what’s to come.

Because one day you will be okay. One day you will make it through and you will overcome your struggles. You will give not give up and you will live to see your future. Your brokenness will be washed away and you will heal. Your dreams will come true and you will be surprised at how far you have journeyed. You are very young and you have thousands of days in front of you to experience — you will be alright.

By: Angelo Caerlang

The Key to Live Your Life.

Picture : Sunsuke Iwata

Picture : Sunsuke Iwata

Life without an addiction would be nonsense. — @adimasnuel

I’ve got that quote from twitter and that still makes me think about my life, what’s my addiction now? by the way you should follow him, I guess he’s one of my twitter crush because I Iove his words, bahkan sejak twitter masih lucu-lucunya dulu. Okay, I don’t wanna talk about that here, I want to talk about life.

It’s the earlier of 2017, and I’m 25 years old. So many things happen in my life last year. I’m blessed for everything; experience, laugh, love, cry, the new perspective, the new lessons, new family, new friends. But the one thing that I realized, I was losing something inside me, and I want to find it again. Sometimes I feel like zombie. I’m empty, just breathing. Then I found that quote on twitter and I asked myself, what’s my addiction? I cannot answer.

Addiction? What’s the addiction? Is that something make you feel alive? What’s that? Dreams? The purpose of life? The vision for the next five or ten years?

Well, I have dreams. I have many things I want to get and many things to do in my dream book. And I always go with that in my bag. I want to travel the world, especialy United Kingdom and Japan on my top list. I want to have my own dream house with the beautiful garden and the cozy library, I want to drive my own Mini Cooper, etc.

The purpose of my life is my family. We want to make our family to feel happy. My mentors always said that we should make it with the details. All of the parent is easy to be happy, when their children grow up and have the moment to talk and eat together with them that can bring the happiness too. So how the way you make them feel happy? I want to give the best to them, like give best accommodation when their go to mecca, buy new house, and can get married with our own money.

I have the dreams, the purpose, and the vision, so why I still can’t feel the addiction, still feel empty inside me. Why? I forgot to love myself.

I realized that love yourself is very important to live our life. It’s not selfish. When you love yourself, you can be yourself. No one teach me about that before. Everybody around me always remind me, but never teach me how to love myself. Our society always say to be ourselves but then they judge us when we’re totally different. It is so confusing for me. Sick society.  So many things happen to me and I realized that we only can be ourselves when we love ourselves.

We always hear an advice from someone or the people around us to believe yourself. Believe in yourself is important too, because no one can believe in you if you don’t believe with yourself. Then I ask myself that am I believe enough with myself? Yeah I believe I can do this and that. But maybe I wasn’t trully believe in myself. You can’t trully believe with yourself when you don’t trully love yourself.

When you love yourself, you will accept everything in you, include your mistake in the past. You’re being honest with yourself. You will get the inner peace. Then you will be free, you will feel free. Feel free to do what you love, and love what you do. You will totally live your life. You will love everything around you and enjoy it. The winds, the weather, all the people around you, the failure, the achievement, smile and talk with strangers. And then you will be suprised what will happen in your live.

You must have big dreams, the vision and the purpose in your life. But love yourself first. It’s the key to live your life. Love yourself and you will get the addiciton in your life. The addiction to do the best, because you really want to give the best in every little moments, and then you will be trully live and love your life.

Why Are You Here Today?

Your purpose is not one thing.

There is not one, specific definable thing you are “meant” to do with your life.

Your specific set of skills, preferences, circumstances and natural abilities will pave a fate for you. You are your own destiny. Your path is built into you.

But you are not having the full experience of your life if you’re only trying to figure out what the “big picture” looks like. The “big picture” is just an illusion. Forever is just a series of nows.

Instead of asking yourself “Why am I here?” What you need to ask yourself each day is: “Why am I here today?”

Not: “What am I meant to do with my career?” Not: “What should my 5 year plan look like?” Not: “Who am I meant to be with?”

Those questions aren’t irrelevant, but they work themselves out on their own. One day you find the listing for the job you’re meant for. One day you’ll meet the person you’re meant for. It will just happen. That’s how you’ll know it’s right: because it’s happening. It’s really that simple.

So forget only working on one, singular purpose. When you’re really living, your purpose changes all the time. You have many different purposes, and the more you begin to realize this, the more fulfilled you will be.

Sometimes your day’s purpose is to chip away at your big, lifelong goals. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s to relax, enjoy the sunset, spend time with people you love, waste time surfing blogs, taking pictures, trying new food.

Sometimes it’s being sad, feeling unworthy, being ill, and healing.

The things we usually refer to as failures and setbacks? There are lessons in each of these things. The very lessons that instruct us on how to live the full lives we were meant for.

How do we know we were meant for them? Because we want them. If all we wanted was to be robotic, emotionless productivity machines, we wouldn’t have the itch to explore and wonder and try. We wouldn’t be tired or fatigued or need rest or want to cry.

Those questions aren’t irrelevant, but they work themselves out on their own. One day you find the listing for the job you’re meant for. One day you’ll meet the person you’re meant for. It will just happen. That’s how you’ll know it’s right: because it’s happening. It’s really that simple.

So forget only working on one, singular purpose. When you’re really living, your purpose changes all the time. You have many different purposes, and the more you begin to realize this, the more fulfilled you will be.

Sometimes your day’s purpose is to chip away at your big, lifelong goals. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s to relax, enjoy the sunset, spend time with people you love, waste time surfing blogs, taking pictures, trying new food.

Sometimes it’s being sad, feeling unworthy, being ill, and healing.

The things we usually refer to as failures and setbacks? There are lessons in each of these things. The very lessons that instruct us on how to live the full lives we were meant for.

How do we know we were meant for them? Because we want them. If all we wanted was to be robotic, emotionless productivity machines, we wouldn’t have the itch to explore and wonder and try. We wouldn’t be tired or fatigued or need rest or want to cry.

When you ask yourself: “Why am I here today?” you learn how to live in today.

When you ask yourself: “Why am I here today?” will the answer be to complain, or to dwell, or to worry? Will it be to nit-pick or judge or criticize?

Probably not.

Keep checking in with yourself each day.

You don’t have just one thing to accomplish here.

Your job isn’t just to build a life. It’s to live through it, too.

By Briana Wiest

The Amazing of 2016

Hello, it’s the last day of 2016, 31th December. I write this in good mood now, and I think this is good to end my year with good feeling. I really want to write experience in 2016 now. It’s amazing, like the roller coaster. Up and down. Happy and tears. Love and hate. Blessed and depressed too. And I grow up every day, 366 days. It’s not too long. Yeah, time flies sooooo fast.

In the first 2016, January. My life was perfect. I started my business, my first real business. But honestly it’s not really my first business. I was selling food, some accessories before too. I have job as accounting, this is not my first too. And the good thing, I have new family that is A Team Family. They help me to achieve my dreams. Sounds good, right? But honestly, I don’t know exactly what is my dreams. Then they help me, give me the direction to know what is the dream, that’s not only something you want to buy, but something important in life. I’m confused. I remember that I writed Baymax too in my list. AHAHAHA. Yeah, I guess that was cool to have Baymax in my life, to give me very comfortable hug.

Day by day I spent my day with work and business after work. Meeting with my team, come to training or personal coaching, and some event too. I’m not really good in my business, I blame it in myself. But I learn many things, not only about business but attitude, life guide, to never give up, love, care, respect, how to be friendly, how to respect another, communication, confident, to believe with myself – God – my team too, and many things.

Being entrepreneur is totally different with being the employee. No one can be mad at you when you’re not  doing right. No one can be mad at you. Only you, because you are the boss of your own business. It’s amazing to be with many people who support me everytime, in my bad and good days, My family, especially my mom and my brother, my sister too. Of course. And my new family, A Team Family. They’re never give up on me, they are always there to solve my problems. Their love is priceless.

In May 2016, I remember that one of the craziest moment in my life. I was going to another country alone. ALONE! I never do this before. and I never want to go to another city in Indonesia alone. I was going to VCON Malaysia 2016 in Penang. I really want to go there, so I didn’t really care to go alone, and I believe with my teams too. That was amazing. I never fly before. I don’t know anything. But God blessed me. I saved. and I got amazing experience in there. VCON is the biggest international conference, with more than 15.000 people from more than 170 countries. VCON is full of the magic, love, kindness, happiness, dreams, hope, and blessing. You should come to there and feel the amazing experince there.

Many things happen to me in 2016. I feel lost and found myself too. The bad thing in 2016 is myself, I was stubborn, or still stubborn ’till now. I was hurt some people around me. I lose some people too. That’s so bad when you lose someone who believe and you believe too. In 2016 I was becoming wonder woman, the woman who too much wondering. Some people believe me that I’m a lion, but the lion was too much sleeping in 2016. The sleeping beast inside me.

I really want to say sorry for my careless, my stubborn, I know that hurt many people and myself too. And I want to say thank to everyone who still love and keep believe me, keep walk behind me even when I’m not love or believe in myself. Thanks for every little moment, bad and good days. I wish we can and still make another and more beautiful memories together.

It’s gonna be the end of 2016. I know my plus and minus in me now, and I feel like the better person now, and I’m ready for the better day in very single day in my life too.

I’m on the stage that’s not too young or too old, and I’ve learnt many things. The one thing that I realized is to love yourself first, then you can be yourself, and will believe in yourself and really love your life. When you love your life, then you will do anything to live your life.

And I realized that you will get what you believe, and you will become what you believe. And I’m on high now to believe many great things will happen in 2017. I have the clear plans. and I’m very confident to get what I want. I’m gonna tell to myself and who ever read this. Don’t forget to love yourself. Share love and kindness. Great things come in thousand of little moments, and always choose what’s right instead of what’s easy. Keep your faith instead of doubt. Enjoy your journey everyday.

Happy New Year 2017. Be grateful and God blesses us.

10 Reasons Travel Is The Easiest Way To Change Your Life



“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’y always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you – it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you.. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”-Anthony Bourdain

Whenever I want to make a change in my life, I choose to travel. I’ve tried self-help books, internet videos, and local programs – but nothing seems to work so brilliantly as the open road. When you’re traveling it just seems like everything is geared towards personal development. Here are ten reasons why travel makes change easy, and why you should choose to travel too.

1. What hurt you before can’t hurt you now

Maybe you hang with the wrong crowd, work at a stress factory, or your relationships are a mess. Whichever it may be, recognize that your environment has a HUGE impact on you. And leaving it temporarily can make all the difference. You can worry about re-integrating later. But for now, get the heck out of there!

2. There is a place for that

So you want to control your anger? Try a Buddhist retreat in South East Asia. Had enough of luxury? Experience life in Africa. Want to get off the booze? Visit a dry country. Want to get in touch with your spiritual side? Then go to India! Ok that’s enough. Point is – whatever you’re trying to accomplish, there are entire cultures out there practically just waiting to help you.

3. There are tons of people doing the same thing

Honestly, most people travel because they’re looking for something. For knowledge or wisdom or direction or whatever – they’re on a quest. And since you are too, help is never far away. Every traveler has a piece of your puzzle. Get out there and start collecting!

4. There are no limits to what you can do

Whether you’re looking to kick a simple habit or completely reinvent yourself, anything is possible on the road. You can go anywhere, experience anything, and change any aspect of you – dependent only on your willingness to do so. The world contains people practicing every lifestyle extreme you can imagine, seeking person growth or life change is no different. You can do it!

5. Traveling FORCES you to change

Spend enough time away from home and you’re bound to leave your comfort zone. You’re going to dance out directions to people who don’t understand you and you’re going to smell terrible on a spontaneous date. There’s just no way around it. But the way you deal with these difficult and awkward situations will automatically have a lasting impact on you. That’s a guarantee.

6. Every culture is also a perspective

We’ve all heard that ‘a different point of view’ is beneficial. But really, how possible is this when most local folk think in the same silly old way??? If you really want a new perspective then leave your country. Most of who I am today is a result of the places I have visited while traveling. Cultural perspectives have lasting impacts.

7. Your main focus is YOU

No work, no lawn, and no dishes. Just you, you, and more you. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to experience? What do you want to change and how do you do it? The time you get to spend thinking about you almost becomes meditative. This alone will change you.

8. There is no one there to stop you

How much does it suck when you want to do something that your friends and family don’t? Time to break free. The more you leave behind, the more you can become. You can simply do as you do as is perfect for you!

9. Traveling is intense

While on the road you experience both highs and lows – and often times extremes of both. There are no constants to pad you and no familiarities to hold your strings or break your fall. Life becomes a constant roller coaster where everything is amplified. One moment you’re top of the world, and the next moment you’re at rock bottom. Survive long enough and you’ll simply forget that a bad cup of coffee or waiting in traffic was even an issue. You’ll laugh at how stupid it all seems.

10. Your commitment to yourself will inspire others

Leaving everything behind to accomplish you goals or to realize your dreams is ambitious as hell. It takes courage to do it and many people never will simply because they’re too scared or because they’re too comfortable with comfort. Define what you desire and go out there and get it. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way, including yourself. Because you can accomplish anything!

By Rylan Urban


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