Your Life is Art

by Rocio Montoya

There is the darkness you know and the darkness you lose and both of them have something to prove
These teachers dressed in black, stars for eyes, moon-shaped roadmaps
I have never known myself as well as when I was all there was to know
Every question rising and falling at the same rate, the same place
A pound of feathers and a pound of doubt weighs the same but one is lighter to carry
Lightly, lightly,
Everything comes together with time
Which I’m not entirely sure exists.
You see, time is an illusion, a man-made substitution for control and yet
And yet
And yet
I follow it through. Mark my life off in boxes with a permanent marker, square away all my hurt into journal entries and gratitude lists that I read through like recipes when I don’t know what to make
When sad, remember that going to the park made you grateful,
When angry, remember to find the lesson that might make you better,
When lonely, remember the way it felt to hold yourself together, how it felt like there was something else holding you, too – and remember there weren’t enough words to explain Thank You so you smiled in silence
Remember how brave you were when you didn’t know you would need to be and remember
How scared you were
Take these experiences, these little pieces
This life, a pointillism painting – you see dots up close, the heartbreaks big and small equal in size to the greatest moments of your life
Step away and see the painting
Your life is art
Your life is art
Your life is art
You do not have to make something of yourself to be beautiful. You get to be something beautiful regardless.

By : Katie Marshall


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