The Key to Live Your Life.

Picture : Sunsuke Iwata

Picture : Sunsuke Iwata

Life without an addiction would be nonsense. — @adimasnuel

I’ve got that quote from twitter and that still makes me think about my life, what’s my addiction now? by the way you should follow him, I guess he’s one of my twitter crush because I Iove his words, bahkan sejak twitter masih lucu-lucunya dulu. Okay, I don’t wanna talk about that here, I want to talk about life.

It’s the earlier of 2017, and I’m 25 years old. So many things happen in my life last year. I’m blessed for everything; experience, laugh, love, cry, the new perspective, the new lessons, new family, new friends. But the one thing that I realized, I was losing something inside me, and I want to find it again. Sometimes I feel like zombie. I’m empty, just breathing. Then I found that quote on twitter and I asked myself, what’s my addiction? I cannot answer.

Addiction? What’s the addiction? Is that something make you feel alive? What’s that? Dreams? The purpose of life? The vision for the next five or ten years?

Well, I have dreams. I have many things I want to get and many things to do in my dream book. And I always go with that in my bag. I want to travel the world, especialy United Kingdom and Japan on my top list. I want to have my own dream house with the beautiful garden and the cozy library, I want to drive my own Mini Cooper, etc.

The purpose of my life is my family. We want to make our family to feel happy. My mentors always said that we should make it with the details. All of the parent is easy to be happy, when their children grow up and have the moment to talk and eat together with them that can bring the happiness too. So how the way you make them feel happy? I want to give the best to them, like give best accommodation when their go to mecca, buy new house, and can get married with our own money.

I have the dreams, the purpose, and the vision, so why I still can’t feel the addiction, still feel empty inside me. Why? I forgot to love myself.

I realized that love yourself is very important to live our life. It’s not selfish. When you love yourself, you can be yourself. No one teach me about that before. Everybody around me always remind me, but never teach me how to love myself. Our society always say to be ourselves but then they judge us when we’re totally different. It is so confusing for me. Sick society.  So many things happen to me and I realized that we only can be ourselves when we love ourselves.

We always hear an advice from someone or the people around us to believe yourself. Believe in yourself is important too, because no one can believe in you if you don’t believe with yourself. Then I ask myself that am I believe enough with myself? Yeah I believe I can do this and that. But maybe I wasn’t trully believe in myself. You can’t trully believe with yourself when you don’t trully love yourself.

When you love yourself, you will accept everything in you, include your mistake in the past. You’re being honest with yourself. You will get the inner peace. Then you will be free, you will feel free. Feel free to do what you love, and love what you do. You will totally live your life. You will love everything around you and enjoy it. The winds, the weather, all the people around you, the failure, the achievement, smile and talk with strangers. And then you will be suprised what will happen in your live.

You must have big dreams, the vision and the purpose in your life. But love yourself first. It’s the key to live your life. Love yourself and you will get the addiciton in your life. The addiction to do the best, because you really want to give the best in every little moments, and then you will be trully live and love your life.


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