10 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With A Mental Illness

Don’t you know that wearing a mask is easier than being real. Just because I smile and laugh a lot and tell stupid jokes doesn’t mean I am not internally suffering or struggling.

Thought Catalog

One of my fears in talking about my mental health condition is knowing that some people might treat me differently because of it. The thought of someone interacting with me in a way that was shaped by their own personal prejudices or ideas about what a person with a mental illness looks like is depressing — mainly because I once maintained similar prejudices and uninformed notions about what “mentally ill” meant and looked like, too. In my ignorance, I assumed you could really only be clinically depressed if you lost your job or family or had a disease like cancer. I assumed schizophrenia was reserved for the “real crazies” who “hear voices” and “see things” and thought you could only have PTSD if you were a war veteran, rape victim, or had survived something catastrophic like Hurricane Katrina or the 9/11 terrorists attacks. And if your experience didn’t fit in…

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