Do We Have To Believe In Something Bigger? Should We?

Maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s right, but who really gets to judge that? Who gets the final say of what is morally or socially acceptable? Is it society, or law enforcement, or is it something so much bigger, God?

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Jorge LáscarJorge Láscar

Do you ever wake up and wonder where your life has gone? Maybe wonder if the choices you’ve made were really all part of some “greater plan”. I do. Ever since I was a kid my mom has always told me to have faith in “God’s bigger picture.” But what is this bigger picture? And more importantly, when the hell am I gonna get to look at it?

I’ve never been the type of person to believe in things I haven’t seen, or that haven’t been proven. I’m sure most people are this way after becoming so jaded by life. But usually you start out as that hopeful kid that wants so badly to believe that a jolly old man with a beard and a red nose comes to bring presents to all the good girls and boys on the 25th of December. I was never that kid…

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