4 Reasons You Won’t Be Happy No Matter How Hard You Try

Are you really happy?

Thought Catalog

You get eight hours of sleep. You exercise. You have ambitions, a social life, a Netflix account. You sort of eat right, sometimes. You have close friends. You work a decent gig. You put inspirational quotes on your Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter. Somehow, you still aren’t happy. What’s the deal, man? Here are a few common roadblocks that might be keeping you from the steady happiness you so desire in your daily life.

1. You keep basing your happiness on others.

There’s no better way to ensure your own unhappiness than by leaving your well-being in the hands of others. I know this sounds cynical, hear me out. The world is a mess and it’s a mess because people are flawed. You are, I am. Even Jesus, the Prince of Peace, flipped out and thrashed a market that one time. We’re unstable creatures and that may be the only predictable thing about us…

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