Being A Woman Is Hard. Being A Woman Online Is Harder.

If you write about your looks, they’ll call you vain. If you write about feeling vulnerable, they’ll tell you to grow up. Anything you write about is subject to someone else’s opinion; no matter what you say, it’ll send someone off. “You’re asking for it,” they say.

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When you write for the internet–and I’m not complaining about it, because I love it–readers form an idea about you in their heads from the first sentence. They think they know you, the real you, not the one you present to the online world. It’s hard to get them to change their first impression.

Writing about yourself online opens up a chasm. You allow these people in, gladly, and most of them are lovely. They’ll send you emails about your work and how much it means to them. They’ll stop you in bars to tell you. The internet opens up millions of doors and the people who walk through them can change your life. Writing for the internet is beautiful that way because it reminds you the world is full of people whose words can enrich your life.

But others, hidden behind the cloak of anonymity the internet can provide…

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11 Simple Truths That Will Make Your Life Better Now

I wonder how the truth can make the life better

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1. Some people aren’t always meant to be in your life forever. Whether they’ve been around for years or for just a few months, when they’re done serving their purpose, they will exit. And that’s okay. Let them go.

2. Some people will enter (or re-enter) your life to serve a new purpose. You may not know what it is at first. You may even be skeptical of their intentions but eventually it will become clear. And that’s okay. Let them in.

3. It’s so much easier to accept your flaws and shortcomings rather than lament over them. Yes, this is easier said than done, and yes, this may take some work, but who you are is who you are — so you may as well accept it already. It won’t stop you from being loved. There is someone out there who will love you in spite of your flaws…

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4 Reasons You Won’t Be Happy No Matter How Hard You Try

Are you really happy?

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You get eight hours of sleep. You exercise. You have ambitions, a social life, a Netflix account. You sort of eat right, sometimes. You have close friends. You work a decent gig. You put inspirational quotes on your Facebook/Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter. Somehow, you still aren’t happy. What’s the deal, man? Here are a few common roadblocks that might be keeping you from the steady happiness you so desire in your daily life.

1. You keep basing your happiness on others.

There’s no better way to ensure your own unhappiness than by leaving your well-being in the hands of others. I know this sounds cynical, hear me out. The world is a mess and it’s a mess because people are flawed. You are, I am. Even Jesus, the Prince of Peace, flipped out and thrashed a market that one time. We’re unstable creatures and that may be the only predictable thing about us…

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