What’s on My Playlist before The New Year’s Eve

1. Next Year Baby by Jamie Cullum

♪ Next year.. Things are gonna change.
   Gonna drink less beer and start all over again.
   Gonna read more books.
   Gonna keep up with the news.
   Gonna learn how to cook.
   And spend less money on shoes.
   Gonna pay my bills on time.
   File my mail away, everyday.
   Only drink the finest wine.
   And call my gran every Sunday.
   Well resolutions.. Well baby, they come and go
   Will I do any of these things? The answer’s probably no
   But if there’s one thing, I must do.
   Despite my greatest fears,
   I’m gonna say to you how I’ve felt all of these years. Next Year.. ♪

It sounds like the good plans for to be a better person next year. I’ve heard this song before the new year comes, but I never really do that. I didn’t come to you. I didn’t say how I’ve felt all of these years. I just did not.

2. Back To December by Taylor Swift

I can’t stop myself to playing this song everyday in December. I’ve cried (sometimes). Oh I think Taylor Swift is overrated now.

3. Good Girl Gone bad – Rihanna

♪ Easy for a good girl to go bad
    And once we gone, gone..
   There’s belief, we’ve gone forever
   Don’t be the reason, don’t be the reason
   You better learn how to treat us right
   ‘Cause once a good girl goes bad 
    We die forever.. ♪

I was finding this song again last week on my old music collection. I’ve gone bad for the next year.

4. Mr. Curiosity by Jason Mraz

I cannot find no cause for celebration my new year’s eve.

5. Tennis Court by Lorde

I’m not falling in love with her song ‘royals’ which played in wherever I went. But I love this one of the genius song from her album ‘Pure Heroine’

♪ Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk
    Making smart with the words again
    Well I’m bored… ♪

Okay, don’t play the songs and take the lyrics too seriously. ‘Cause music is mind trick, and it’s a new art from showing people how little we care.


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